Yoga Theatre is for everyone !

Training, masterclasses and insights 


Have you ever felt judged and limited?

How can we turn in our favor a bad situation and overcome fear?

How can we truly believe in our intuitions and potentiality?


The research and the pedagogy of Francesco Zinnamosca and Jessica Ugatti give life to unique classes, a new and helpful path through which rediscover our abilities, increase self-confidence and willpower and to feel free and fearless.

Through curiosity, creativity and play, we become aware of the evolution process, adaptable and happier. It's time to come out of the closet and live life to the fullest.


During Yoga Theatre classes you can find:

  • tools to understand and overcome fear, resistance and anxiety
  • a place where to train and practice, for a wider understanding of who we really are and what our common attitude in daily life is like
  • progressions to sharpen perception and improve mental processes, communication and expressive skills
  • special sequences to recover posture and alignment, tone up and make your body flexible, center your mind, improve sensibility and reactivity
  • all the benefits of Odaka Yoga® and actor training: tradition and innovation for a fluid practice up with the times
  • fun: because even if we go deep, it's still just a game


Theatre is not “just” pretending or standing on stage,

Yoga is not “just” stretching or a new age fashion.

Unlock your true potential!





Do you yoga? Upgrade your practice!  

Theatre is a metaphor of life, as the yoga mat.


Our training focuses on creating a space beyond the mat where to recognize, experience and transform those tendencies we commonly deal with during a yoga practice or in daily life through the integration of specific actor training exercises and stage attitude principles.

This kind fo approach helps us become familiar with the many philosophical teachings of yoga that are outside the study of asanas.

Working on character, empathic communication, fantasy and creative process we realize how to get rid of old behaviors and how to rediscover our true essence and its free expression. 

Not theatre and philosophy only, but also Odaka Yoga®, the liquid practice par excellence.

“From mat to life” is the mission of yoga. “Yoga Theatre - play your life” helps you make the first step! 




Are you an actor or an artist? Widen and complete your training!

From the analysis of the world and your own nature, rise every inspiration and artistic expression.


Actors, like yogis, have always been committed on truth seeking.

Our training and masterclasses offer various benefits in physical, mental and expressive terms, aiming to complete and deepen artistic studies, strengthening the stage performance and improving the daily life experience.

Stage movements acquire power and fluidity at the same time by using anatomy and biomechanics principles applied in synergy with the study of philosophy and yoga practice; the body becomes malleable, stable, receptive and present, balancing the relation between effort and smoothness of gesture.

By deepening the understanding of our mental, emotional and creative processes that occur during rehearsals and plays, we are brought to sharpen our sensibility and centering state, as well as proceeding on our personal evolutional path, by giving freedom to our expression and authenticity.

Yoga Theatre leads you to observe, through fresh new eyes, the spectacle of life.


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