"Everyone wear a mask"
[ Batman ]
A new generation of super-heroes!
Future is here and now
A new dimension of living
Transform yourself!
The game where reality overcome fantasy
Are you in?
Escape the Matrix

"Yoga Theatre® - play your life" merges the philosophy and practice of yoga with acting techniques and actor training giving useful tools to support, deepen or complete artistic, personal or spiritual studies.
The method, born from the intuition and research of Francesco Zinnamosca and Jessica Ugatti, offers unique courses created to experience practically and concretely many of those mechanisms that interfere with the evolution process, rediscovery and knowledge of oneself.

Before stepping on stage, the actor training works to free the human being from unwieldy layers collected throughout the every-day behavior, to facilitate an open and genuine expression and to provide fundamental instruments to fully understand the creative process.
The spiritual path of yoga, through the observation of the mind-body dialogue, helps understand our true nature and be aware of the infinite possibilities we have to experience life for a fluid and graceful state of living. 

Ancient mystics’ journey is for everyone and "Yoga Theatre® - play your life" translates it for the modern times creating a bridge between two complementary arts that have always been devoted to ennoble the human spirit.

The World, as a huge stage, sees us as actors of the greatest play: life!